Mofus in cyberspace – via flash-video

Mofus in cyberspace – via flash-video
Mofus’ “Sex in space” is this years 7th and last release of ROSA’s launching of new Danish music via flash video.

The title was originally written 7 years ago, by Anders Bech at the age of 14. The track was included on his fourth and spherical, floating version of Mofus’ debut CD “Trouble On The Moon” from November 2000. However, for this flash release it has been re-born as a beat-based remix of

“It was the first song I wrote, I created it the first time I had my hands on a guitar.” Explains Anders Bech aka Mofus. “But it still contains a wealth of possibilities, and is still a very re-assuring number to perform.”, and praises for their rendition of the song.

“They made it danseable, and have really pulled in some old 80’s strings with some cool house stuff.” said Anders Beck about, who has hereby repaid Anders earlier remix of’s ‘Assasin Star’.

The Flash project continues

ROSA has now a whole years experience with the flash video media, as a new and first-rate way to re-distribute new Danish music to international contacts within the music industry (ROSA and the artists simply mail the announcment of the new flash production out to their contacts, who then just click on an included link to see the video).

This work has, amoung others, resulted in: numerous English record companies being interested in Indigo Sun, that Ester Brohus has received international enquiries, and that Tina Dickow has made contact to her English Manager Jonathan Morley.

The flash project has, during its first year, been a collaboration between ROSA, Aarhus Film Workshop and the artist Michael B. Hansen, with support from Aarhus County Council. A new flash initiative will see the light of day in the beginning of 2002. The details will soon be released on this site.