– Music From Denmark 2002 – Music From Denmark 2002

ROSA – The Danish Rock Council proudly presents “ – Music From Denmark 2002”. In keeping with previous “” releases, this promotion CD takes the pulse of the Danish music scene RIGHT NOW. The CD includes acts that are already a succes on the national and international markets, as well as artists breaking ground this very moment, who could easily become tomorrows talkabouts.

“ – Music From denmark 2002” is sent to a number of international contacts in the music business, and it will be handed out at music seminars and branch festivals such as Eurosonic (Grooningen, Netherlands), MIDEM (Cannes, France), by:Larm (Kristiansand, Norway), South By SouthWest (Austin, Texas, USA) and POPKomm (Cologne, Germany).

“” is produced in agreement with the artists record companies.

Below you’ll find a brief presentation of the acts included. For further information please use the web-sites connected to the presentation – or feel free to contact ROSA at

Annette Bjergfeldt
A Dansk Grammy nominee from her days with Harvest Moon, and now a singer-songwriter who often tours the U.S. as well as the home front. Annette was responsible for all financing and promotion of her latest album All That We Are, but still managed to break the sound barrier with the single, “She’s Got Everything.” Have a listen.

Hot Water Music is Amstrong’s second offering and with it the group has whisked away the somber tones from the debut Sprinkler, but without compromising the quest to capture the sounds and atmosphere of the big city. If it’s pop then it’s the sophisticated kind. Hot Water Music will be released in the U.S. at the start of 2002.

Brimstone Butterfly
Brimstone Butterfly could have released its debut CD a long time ago, but there’s good reason why the six-year-old band is known for having a thorough sense of curiosity. They leave no stone unturned. Now the glam-pop quartet is ready to deliver Gonepteryx Rhamni, which bolsters the band’s excellent stage reputation.

Dear is a one-man army, Laust Sonne, known for being the drummer in one of Danish rock’s top internationally-known bands, D-A-D. But here he reveals himself to be a multi-instrumentalist and composer. Glam, punk, pop and lots of raw energy, best experienced onstage when he’s backed by four musicians.

Erann DD
Erann has enjoyed immense success in Denmark for many years, first as the frontman for Zapp Zapp, and later with Drori/Hansen Furniture. Now Erann has ventured onto the solo route as a soul/R&B crooner with his elegant style and international appeal.

The trio delivers melodious, energetic power pop and has already logged a couple of hits, most notably “You Cry Sometimes,” a favorite of the airwaves. The group’s roots go back to the start of the ‘90s, but the debut Fields first appeared this past autumn, just before they set off on an extensive Danish tour.

Hotel Hunger
All You Can Eat, the latest set from Hotel Hunger, demonstrated again there’s plenty of rock energy in the band after almost 20 years in the spotlight, even though frontman Jimmy Jørgensen has been lending his talent to stage, screen and television in recent years.

Jupiter Day
Five Copenhagen lads who earned laurels by playing their brand of ambitious rock in sold-out Danish clubs and who are set to launch an eagerly-awaited debut album early this year. The first single “Empty Space,” produced by Zed (Kent, The Cure, Charlatans), is a live favorite which has gotten massive airplay on national radio P3.

Kitty Wu
The title of Kitty Wu’s debut CD is Privacy and for good reason; it was recorded in a hermetically sealed studio where the band created a compressed sound atmosphere of restlessness, raw ambience, melancholy, bold outbursts — mixing experiments with tradition and folding it into a somber, unmistakably Nordic tone.

Marie Frank Band
Marie Frank’s debut “Ancient Pleasures” won her four Dansk Grammys and reaped fine international praise from among others, Q magazine. With Vermillion Marie reinforces her status as one of the most exciting voices on the Danish scene.

The Brother Brown remix of Örtz’s “We Don’t Talk” was the summer hit on Ibeza and other resorts. Luminaries such as Satoshi, Tomilie, Sasha and others carry the track on their setlists and major labels are lining up to launch the act internationally. Meanwhile, Hans Hansen (producer) and Majbrit Örtz (vocals) continue to create great music.

Saybia plays “big”, melodic room-filling rock with the humble objective of seducing its audience with a soundtrack for the melancholic universal film called “Life.” The quintet put out a teaser EP in late 2001, from which the track “Fool’s Corner” has recieved heavy airplay ever since. Debut album released in late january 2002. Hold great promise.

Safri Duo
The beat of “Played-A-Live” transformed classical percussionists Morten Friis and Uffe Savery into an international top name on the dance and club scene. Everyone’s familiar with the track, which has helped earn the band 16 (and counting) international gold and platinum records. The duo’s debut album Episode II boosts its success even further.

Sub Sui
The band was founded in 1999 by singer-songwriter Stine Sui Birch and a couple of members of the now defunct Passion Orange. Stine Sui has a formal musical education, but that doesn’t stop her and the band from blasting out edgy aggressive rock. The band’s debut CD will be out in the spring.

The average age of a Superhero is just 20, but the band has been around for five years, delivering cocky rock and melodic synthesizer pop. The combination has won them a substantial following at Danish and international (South by Southwest in Texas to name one) festival stages.

Swan Lee
Dreamy vocals, suspended lyrics and the music gradually unfolds – Swan Lee plays rock as imagery. Take the hit single “Tomorrow Never Dies,” it could have been taken from a classic James Bond film from the time when 007 was more secret agent than posh personality. Pernille Rosendahl’s striking vocals are the icing on the cake.

Tina Dickow
A number of labels were interested in releasing Tina Dickow’s debut CD, but she decided to deliver the first-born herself through her own company. The set reveals her talent as a vocalist and composer, and features excellent back-up by the band Sheriff.

Tobias Trier
Tobias Trier manifest himself in his debut album Bag De Blå Persienner as an original, style-blending, genre-fusing songwriter. He takes these off-center characteristics a step further on the concept record Sandheden om Britina Castello, from which the track “Excellence” is taken. It’s a collection of songs appealing both the grey matter and your dancing shoes.