Silvia was born i 1976 and grew up on the small island of Halsnøy in Norway.

After finishing high school, she went on to study at the University of Bergen for a year, before she moved to Surrey, England. She has also studied English, economics and administration, innovation, and management, which earned her a Master Degree.

Still feeling the need to travel, Silvia left Europe for Singapore to study technoentrepreneurship. However, the stint in Singapore did not satisfied her need to travel, which is why she ended up in Aarhus. In Denmark she attended Aarhus School of Business, where she wrote her master thesis on storytelling.

Silvia has worked as a volunteer at Musikcafeen in Aarhus, at Folken in Stavanger, and at Norwegian industry festival by:Larm in Oslo.

At ROSA Silvia has done marketing for the SPOT Festival. Since late 2007 she has been co-project manager for Nordic Music Week in Stavanger, Norway, but she is still attached to ROSA in connection with the SPOT Festival.