Blue foundation recieve double platin in the USA

Following the immediate success of the teenage vampire film ‘Twilight’, Blue Foundation who has a song featured on the soundtrack, are destined to release their current album ‘Life of a Ghost’ in the USA. It will be released  through the record company Astralwerks, which has signed artist such as – Yoko Ono and Hot Chip.

New collaboration
The band has also started on a new project with the singer/songwriter Mark Kozeleck, from the Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon. The collaboration has resulted in a new recording of the song ‘Watch You Sleeping’ where Mark Kozelek sings a duet together with Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjaerg.

The track was released digitally the 10th of August on DeadPeoplesChoice and is being distributed bu A:larm Music. The B-side contains the song ‘Dream (3:11 PM)’.

You can listen to ‘Watch You Sleeping’ here.