Kira & The Kindred Spirits to New York to Play More Showcases

Kira & The Kindred Spirits to New York to Play More Showcases

Once again Kira & The Kindred Spirits go to New York to play showcase concerts. In the span of just six days – from November 20th to 25th – Kira & co are going to play presentation concerts for both Epic Records and Atlantic Records in anticipation of possible future collaboration.

These performances are a direct result of the number of showcases the band played in Los Angeles and New York in September. Back then the band played four so-called “open” showcases, when Kira & the Kindred Spirits’ management had invited American industry people en masse, but this time they are there to play on request and exclusively for the A&R people and promotion departments of Atlantic Records and Epic Records.

Taught by the events of the last couple of years with the promised contract which never was, Kira Skov no longer puts her expectations too high: “If we succeed, it’s just great, but if not, life still goes on” is her philosophy. But obviously, it has to be more than just average interest, when the companies are willing to pay for the band’s trip to the US. As a matter of curiosity, it seemed that the band would be going to New York twice – first for one of the companies and then back to Denmark, before going to New York once again to play for the other one, because the companies usually don’t collaborate or mix their budgets. But in the end they came around to working together on the band’s travel arrangements.

The coming album from Kira & The Kindred Spirits is released in Denmark on January 31st.