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Artists for 2024 and 2025


Read more about the artists for E-Tur in2024/2025

ROSA unveils the first five names for the upcoming 2024/25 season, set to tour Danish boarding schools. The lineup currently includes HUNNID22, ALVAH, Bree Carter, Dos Santos, and KarriereKanonen.

As a longstanding tradition, one of the winners of KarriereKanonen is also included as the sixth name in the lineup, allowing the artist to perform a total of nine concerts. KarriereKanonen is currently underway, so it has not yet been determined which talented artist will have the opportunity to become the sixth member of the E-Turs tour program.

Last year, E-Tur presented Dahlin and Kris, who won the KarriereKanonen 2023 competition.


En ekstraordinær mulighed for de to kommende vindere af

An extraordinary opportunity for the two upcoming winners of KarriereKanonen is that they will secure the last spot on E-Tur, enabling them to perform at nine boarding schools—thanks to our partnership with BandAkademiet, which, like E-Tur, focuses on nurturing talent.

When KarriereKanonen presents this year's two winners, E-Tur is at the door, ready to give the budding talents the opportunity to perform at the country's boarding schools. Last year, talents Dahlin and Kris took home the victory (pictured above), and already now it's possible to book this year's two new winners, who are ready to follow in their footsteps.

KarriereKanonen is not just a competition where the winners reach a wide audience through DR's platforms - it is also a talent development project that provides all selected participants with guidance, insights into the music industry, and a tailored program through Bandakademiet.

The two winners of KarriereKanonen can be booked to perform in week 35, 36, 37.

Behind the artist name Dos Santos stands the budding 22-year-old talent Christian Lima Dos Santos Ringsing, who, in collaboration with producers Nicolai Gabold (Julias Moon, Elisha, among others) and Niels Christian Sommer (Ganger, among others), has crafted a rhythmically grounded expression where R&B-inspired catchy melodies merge with electronic beats and cinematic soundscapes. In 2023, Danes got to know the sound of Dos Santos when he released the song "Endnu En Dag" in the spring, followed by the next single "Folder Mine Hænder" in the summer, which became both P3's Uundgåelige and The Voice Choice - a song that embraces the feminine sides of samba and its most masculine moments, full of sensuality and liberation.

At the end of 2023, it finally happened - Dos Santos released his debut EP, fittingly titled "SAMBA." The songs on the debut are in Danish but are rooted in the Brazilian music culture's samba philosophy, weaving together the warm sound of South America with personal and tender lyrics that tell tales of love, family, and longing, but above all, about freedom - the kind that releases in the mind, heart, and body, like the first steps of samba; "forward, backward - uno, dos."

Dos Santos was recently announced as an artist at Smukfest, and now he's ready to dive into ROSA's E-Tur, where he will bring his joy, celebration, and melancholy to the country's boarding schools. 

Dos Santos can be booked to perform in week 39, 40, 41.

Give Dos Santos a listen here:

HUNNID22 is an innovative hip-hop collective with a love for old-school hip-hop, bringing the sound of the timeless rap of America's West Coast to western Aarhus.

The collective consists of U.N.G., Gunshot Sammy, Teejay333, Homeboy Soul, Dark Dave, and DJ Koko. With an international sound and potential that extends beyond Danish borders, they work together to push the idea of ​​what the Danish hip-hop scene can and should be.

Since their humble beginnings in high school, HUNNID22 has created hard-hitting and energetic earworms, which have given them an exhilarating start to their music career.

In 2020, the band cemented themselves in the consciousness of the country's largest music editorial teams when they won Redbull's talent competition "Redbull Mit Kvarter," which garnered honorable mentions in Danish magazines such as Soundvenue, Gaffa, Bands of Tomorrow, and on P3. In short, HUNNID22 cannot and should not be missed, and they are clearly one-of-a-kind artists to watch now and in the future.

HUNNID22 can be booked to perform in week 43, 44, 45.

Give HUNNID22 a listen here:

Bree Carter serves as the front figure and lends her name to the new R&B group Bree Carter. The music group Bree Carter released their first single "Higher" in 2022, which propelled them straight onto the country's charts. Since then, they have been played on over 27 radio stations and have been crowned both P3's Uundgåelige and the week's "Voice Choice" with their captivating melodic rhythms and velvety saxophone play.

Since the debut single, Bree Carter has released the single "Runaway" and is currently active with their latest release "Over Being Under," which seduces the listener into the band's dreamy universe of tones that resonate directly with the hips.

The band is now ready to embark on a Danish efterskole tour, where Bree's full, recognizable vocals and the band's harmonious sax and energetic beat are ready to set fire to the soul.

Bree Carter can be booked to perform in week 47, 48, 49.

Listen to Bree Carter here:

Norwegian-Danish artist Alvah is a songwriter and producer. Her distinct sound blends art pop, electronica, and R&B with a beautiful, sharp, and dark sonic landscape, creating a deep connection to her fans through textual and sonic tenderness rarely seen. Her artistic talent is constantly growing, and it's clear that Alvah is establishing herself as a lasting artist in the music world.

Since the release of her debut single "Precious Prey," Alvah has received great acclaim from critics both at home and abroad. The single opened many new doors for Alvah and drew many new fans into her raw and emotional pop universe. This secured the singer coveted bookings at some of the country's biggest festivals, and after the premiere of the music video for the first single, she gained exposure in the prestigious Wonderland Magazine UK.

Alvah performed at the UHØRT Festival and Journey Fest in 2022, and she released the EP "Multiflexer," which she is currently promoting.

Alvah can be booked to perform in week 3, 4, 5.

Listen to Alvah here:

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