Nordklang Festival thinks bigger this year


The second Nordklang festival will take place in East Switzerland from the 15. – 17. of February 2008 and will also this year mark another milestone with more than ten Nordic bands playing concerts at various venues in St. Gallen. The bands include Efterklang (Denmark), Pétur Ben (Iceland), Speaker Bite Me (Denmark), Taxi Taxi (Sweden) among many others.


The versatile line-up, which has been compiled in close collaboration by Nordklang and ROSA (Danish Rock Council), aims to offer the Swiss music audience a wide range of samples of the Nordic music scene and its many facets: Rock, pop, folk, indie etc. as well as various hybrids.


Nordklang thinks bigger

Nordklang has already established a name for itself as a serious presenter of Nordic music in St. Gallen and is the first large-scale example of its kind. It all started with events in St. Gallen, and in February 2007 it turned into a small festival. After the succes of the first festival, Nordklang has decided to think even bigger this year. Two more venues (Palace and Pfalzkeller) are now a part of the Nordklang festival. The St. Laurenzenkirche also gives Nordklang the chance to put up a concert this year.

Side events

speaker bite me1

Speaker Bite Me
There is a growing number of side-events on the 2008 Nordklang festival.
Just to name some of them: KinoK, the local alternative cinema, brings a special Nordic program. The ‘Stiftsbibliothek’ (the world famous historical library in the monastery/Dom of St. Gallen) and the biggest local bookshop will focus on Nordic books. The east-swiss cultural magazine ‘Saiten’, theatre ‘Parfin the Siècle’ and the botanical garden will have their events on the Nordic theme. The local regional radio-station will also support the Nordklang festival. On Friday 15th February 2008 they produce a whole Nordic day. This day will be exclusively produced with solely Nordic music, Nordic topics and live band interviews.


“Nordklang Festival was a succes last year and we wish to continue working with the festival. Promoting danish and nordic music abroad is the very aim of ROSA and the SPOT Festival, so when we come across an organizer working outside the Nordic countries, and this organizer already makes a tremendous contribution when it comes to promoting the music we work with, it’s only natural for us to stretch out a hand and grasp the hand that this organizer is offering us”, says ROSA’s managing director Gunnar Madsen.

Friday February the 15th
20.00 Speaker Bite Me (DK) (St. Laurenzen Kirche)

our broken garden

Our Broken Garden

20.00 Rasmus Lyberth (GO) (St. Laurenzen Kirche)

Saturday February the 16th
20.00 Dánjal (FO) (Kellerbühne)
20.00 Frigg (FI) (National)
20.00 Haugaard & Høirup (DK) (Parfin de Siècle)
20.00 Taxi Taxi! (SE) (Pfalzkeller)
20.30 Our Broken Garden (DK) (Palace)
20.30 Pétur Ben w. Band (IS) (Grabenhalle)
21.15 Dánjal (FO) (Parfin de Siècle)
21.30 Amiina (IS) (Pfalzkeller)
21.30 Haugaard & Høirup / Frigg (DK/FI) folkSession (Drahtseilbahn)
21.30 Taxi Taxi! (SE) (Kellerbühne)
22.00 Efterklang (DK) (Palace)
22.00 Jackman (NO) (National)

Haugaard & Høirup

22.15 Dánjal (FO) (Parfin de Siècle)
22.15 Speaker Bite Me (DK) (Grabenhalle)
23.00 Pétur Ben (akustisch) (IS) (Kellerbühne)
23.30 Palace DJ (CH) (Palace)
23.45 Ghost (FO) (Pfalzkeller)
00.30 Jackman (NO) (Grabenhalle)
01.00 johannes dj’s (DK) (Pfalzkeller)
01.15 dj’s (CH) (Grabenhalle)

Sunday February the 17th
10.00 Jackman (NO) (St. Larenzen Kirche)
10.00 Haugaard & Høirup (DK) (St. Larenzen Kirche)
10.00 Our Broken Garden (DK) (St. Larenzen Kirche)