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Art & Culture in Balance

We need to get rid of sexism, abuse of power, and lack of diversity. We want to create a harmonious balance within the cultural and creative industries for everyone.

Transgressive behaviour, abuse of power, and hidden biases are large scale problems which crave attention, perspectives, and knowledge sharing – and most of all, shared solutions and action. Kunst & Kultur i Balance offers online teaching, facilitates physical meetings centred around networking, and partakes in cultural meetings and events.

We have published material which provides insights and arguments for why diversity and inclusion is so crucial. Positive, structural changes are the starting point to creating safety and harmony within our cultural life.

Tempi and ROSA are administering Kunst & Kultur i Balance on behalf of the steering committee, which, at the present, consists of Aarhus Filmværksted (Aarhus Film Workshop), Art Music Denmark, Dansk Komponistforening (The Danish Composer’s Society), Roskilde Festival Gruppen, JazzDanmark, Tempi and ROSA – but with a desire to include many more cultural branches. 

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Educational courses



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