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Musik på Hjemmebanen ENG

The project Musik på Hjemmebanen (Music on Home Ground), was started by ROSA in 2018, and presented music for local communities. Here, public spaces normally used for birthday celebrations and board game nights, were transformed into an intimate concert venue within the local sphere. Within the first year of the project, the concerts were held in Aarhus and Aalborg. In 2020, it spread to the whole country.

Musik på Hjemmebane was from the beginning a collaboration between BL – Danmarks Almene Boliger, neighbourhood organisations, and ROSA. Apart from creating new venues and audiences, the purpose was to provide citizens, who only sporadically came in contact with Danish produced art, the opportunity to experience music in a safe, local space. 

In the years where ROSA was involved with the project, Musik på Hjemmebane housed the musicians Ester Brohus, Ivan Petersen, Rasmus Nøhr, and Signe Svendsen. From 2021, SPOT Festival took up the project. 







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