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“A singer and a piano”. This was the idea behind NAKED, wherein a range of artists performed brand new renditions of their music, with Gustaf Ljunggren on the piano bench.

In 2011, ROSA and SPOT Festival presented the very first version of NAKED. The subheading sounded: “A singer and a piano”, and did exactly what it said on the tin. The project presented strong singers and a brand new rendition of their music, scraped entirely clean of band and production. Instead, all that was left was the core. The song and the voice was helped along by NAKED’s pianist Gustaf Ljunggren. NAKED was, from the beginning, an audience favourite – the concept attracted new as well as established soloists, who were all willing to step out of their comfort zones in this intimate setting, to view their songs through another lens. And every time, it was two female and two male singers.

Throughout the years, NAKED has presented names such as Lord Siva, Johan Olsen (Magtens Korridorer), Stine Bramsen, Hans Philip (Ukendt Kunstner), Nik & Jay, Claus Hempler, Kill J, Pernille Rosendahl, Katinka, Gulddreng, Sebastian (Kellermensch), Lydmor, Soleima, Kjartan (Folkeklubben), Christopher, Barbara Moleko, Eivør, Mathias Bertelsen (Entrepreneurs) and Simon Olsen (BÆST).

From 2022, SPOT Festival has taken over the organisation and presentation of NAKED at SPOT Festival.







Gustaf Ljunggren

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