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Pop-Pilot Camp ENG

For 11 years, ROSA’s Pop-Pilot Camps gave young girls, trans youth, and non-binary youth, the chance to explore music – regardless of how experienced they were. The essence of Pop-Pilot was to strengthen the participants’ beliefs in their own abilities, and give them the desire to create and perform music.

Pop-Pilot Camps were music camps for young girls, trans youth, and non-binary youth from the age of 13-20. The camps focused on community, originality, empowerment and music. Here, they could participate both with and without music knowledge. This was possible, because the camps were led by experienced female musicians, who, due to their own backgrounds, could meet all the participants at eye level.

ROSA facilitated Pop-Pilot Camps from 2021 to 2022 across the country – and every year, we sent a happy group of participants back home afterwards, fulfilled by good music experiences, and many new friends. From the beginning, the purpose of Pop-Pilot Camp was to create a safe space for the participants to strengthen their confidence and belief in their own creativity and musicality. At a point of their lives, where crucial personal competencies are created and ripened.








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