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Pop-Pilot Elektro ENG

The electronic music camp Pop-Pilot Elektro, carved a creative and educational space for young girls, trans youth, and non-binary youth who harboured a curiosity towards electronic music.

Pop-Pilot Elektro, was the name of ROSA’s electronic music camps, where girls, trans youth, and non-binary youth from ages 14-19, were introduced to electronic music over the course of one weekend. Between 2019 and 2023, Pop-Pilot Elektro gave the participants the tools to write and produce their own music. 

With experienced producers from Beats By Girlz as coaches and role models, the goal was to prepare the participants for creating music, regardless of gender and experience. In cosy, safe and creative environments, the participants learned how to record using a microphone, do sound design, and put it all together in a song using the music program Logic. Songs which, at the end of the camp, were presented for family and friends.





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