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RockCruise ENG

RockCruise was created in 2006, and up until 2020, it brought Danish artists – and a few Norwegian and Swedish artists – to the sea, across from new audiences, on the sailing route between Copenhagen and Oslo.

One of the purposes of RockCruise was to lay the groundwork for new audiences that could contribute to artistic development, and stimulate the earnings of Danish artists. ROSA curated and held a large range of concerts and artistic events in collaboration with DFDS Seaways, which financed remuneration and expenses for RockCruise.

Throughout the years, RockCruise has presented both upcoming acts and more popular names such as Kim Larsen, Oh Land, The Minds of 99, Kaizers Orchestra, Dicte/Hempler, Under Byen, C.V. Jørgensen and Lisa Nilsson.







Nautical miles

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