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Udenfor Sæsonen ENG

In 2002, ROSA initiated Udenfor Sæsonen (Out of Season), in collaboration with Bornholm’s Culture Week, Musikhuzet in Rønne, and the musician and singer Steffen Brandt. With Brandt as a curator, every year saw four concerts with a new repertoire from new soloists across genres and artistry.

The purpose was to simulate the meeting between experienced and musical innovative thinking, and develop national initiatives in regional contexts.

Throughout the years, artists such as Povl Dissing, Ginne Marker, Lis Sørensen, Carl Emil Petersen, Annisette, Benny Andersen, Per Vers, Marie Key, Sebastian, Lise Westzynthius, Annika Aakjær, Mads Mouritz/Lone Hørslev, Kira Skov, Allan Olsen and Alberte Winding have taken part in the project. In 2021, SPOT Festival took up Udenfor Sæsonen.



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