SPOT 09, 30-31 May 2003, in Aarhus

SPOT 09, 30-31 May 2003, in Aarhus

The date and the venue for the 2003 Spot Festival are set. SPOT 09, the ninth festival of its kind, is set for Friday 30th – Saturday 31st May 2003. Stages at The Concert Hall Aarhus, The Ridehuset, and the area between these two buildings are put into service in this arrangement – as always with ROSA – The Danish Rock Council as the key promoter. (Please note that pre-arrangements of SPOT 09 will take place Thursday 29th of May – for further information check out SPOT 09).

In May 2002, the SPOT 08 Festival was the one to initially introduce both The Raveonettes and Junior Senior to a larger audience. Today, the two bands have obtained international contracts and publicity.
SPOT 07 was the festival where Saybia broke through, where Mew signed up with Epic/Sony in London and much more.

In the light of this, SPOT 09 can be said to be predictable when it comes to seeking out new musical borders and refreshing new musical talents in Nordic modern music. Music that is on the verge of their break through?

With its about 50 concerts with bands from all of Scandinavia and the seminars and panel discussions, featuring both national and international presentators SPOT 09 is focusing on new Nordic music and the perspectives of the music business. SPOT 09 will be the venue of both the audience starving for news and the music business. The first acts in the programme will be released by mid-March.