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BauSongs is a musical playground where creativity flourishes freely, and boundaries between genres and cultures blur in the vibrant atmosphere of Berlin.

BauSongs is a songwriting camp where the participants jointly develop ideas, create new music and explore cultural life in Berlin through artist visits and concert experiences. BauSongs is inspired by the Danish 'højskole' tradition, and the hope is that the meeting between the different backgrounds, cultures and genres of the participants will result in completely new ideas and songs.

In addition to each other, the participants also collaborate with the camp's three teachers Kaspar Kaae (songwriter in CODY and film composer), Greta Schenk (GRETA) and Michael Møller (moi Caprice and The Mountains). Greta was born in Germany and has recorded both of her albums in Berlin, while both Michael and Kaspar live or have lived in Berlin - and they are all skilled educators.

It is the studios at Bauteil 3 that form the very special setting for BauSongs. The premises are located in the famous former airport Tempelhof, which is now used as a center for creativity and culture. The camp is for artists residing in Denmark and Germany.

The vision behind BauSongs:

BauSongs, created by teachers Kaspar Kaae and Michael Møller, stems from their deep artistic connections to Berlin and the desire to create a more open and collaborative camp. With a focus on process-driven songwriting, BauSongs offers a unique approach where the emphasis is on giving participants tools and insights that extend beyond the BauSongs camp. You can think of BauSongs as a training camp, where the participants are challenged and inspired in their songwriting processes in a safe environment.

BauSongs was launched in 2022 as part of the NEUSTART initiative. NEUSTART was an upgrade of Danish music life's collaboration with the German music industry. NEUSTART was launched by Danish music's four genre organisations: Art Music Denmark, JazzDanmark, Tempi and ROSA as well as MXD – Music Export Denmark in collaboration with the Danish Embassy in Berlin and the Statens Kunstfond.








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