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Musikalske Besøgsvenner

Music is for everybody. But not everybody gets the opportunity to experience it live. Therefore, ROSA has launched the project SOLO with the goal of developing a live format aimed towards groups of vulnerable youth – music lovers who struggle with the common concert experience, and wish to experience a concert within smaller, more manageable surroundings.

In 2021, a completely new concept arose: Musical Visitor Friends (Musikalske Besøgsvenner). Live music presented in the familiar and safe surroundings of the home for a citizen and his visiting friend. 10 musicians play a total of 100 solo concerts annually all over the country. These are professional composers and musicians from different genres, cultures and years of Danish musical life, who all know the art of playing and creating cohesion and togetherness with their audience.

It is a broad-based work that is now in its third season. ROSA is responsible for the overall planning and a specialist committee selects the artists. The concerts are determined in collaboration with the country's visitor services and a number of venues have also joined as partners, who all want to benefit from the project's experience.

Researchers from Aarhus University are following the project and investigating whether the meeting between the citizen and the musician results in value creation. The first results are very promising, and it is all used to fine tune and top tune the project.

Here is one of the videos included in the latest research on the project from 2024. The video was produced by one of the researchers, Amalie Bakkær Munk Andersen, who is a visual anthropologist and scientific assistant at the Department of Anthropology, Aarhus University.

A journey to Kilimanjaro:

Music can evoke memories from the memory. At the moment when the music is playing, concertgoers can experience being transported to a previous experience in another place. The music thereby has an ability to manipulate experiences of time and space. This type of mobility contrasts with the immobility that the participants experience on a daily basis with challenges related to physical and/or mental impairments.








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