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An upgraded collaboration between the Danish and the German music industry – the third biggest music market in the world. We will expand and deepen our dialogue with our largest southern neighbour with concerts, residencies, and workshops. We can learn much from them. And we hope that they, in turn, can learn something from us.

NEUSTART is an initiative which picks up and expands the Danish dialogue with the German music industry post-Covid, consisting of concert collaborations, residencies, co-writing, knowledge sharing and much more. The initiative is focused around the areas of Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen, and Aarhus, with the purpose of finding new ways of collaboration and creating spaces for mutual inspiration.

NEUSTART is created by Denmark’s four genre organisations: Art Music Denmark, JazzDanmark, ROSA, and Tempi, as well as MXD – Music Export Denmark, in collaboration with the Danish embassy in Berlin and The Danish Arts Foundation. 








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