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On Track

Over the course of an actionpacked session-day, local songwriting talents, national and international A-writers and producers will work together to create the next banger. Some added bonuses: career tips and a crucial network.

The purpose of On Track is to inspire and guide local talents around the country in pursuing a professional career and writing the next big hit. It is a collaboration between the international songwriting camp Aarhus Calling, ROSA, and a number of Danish venues and urban communities.

In camps spanning across two days, two to four local songwriters are partnered up with routined Danish and international songwriters to create music together. In order to work with local talents, the camp moves from venue to venue in new cities, wherein a recording studio is established to record the material and prepare it for pitching. 

International songwriting and pitch-writing is an area with a huge potential, and several Danish professional songwriters have already had success in songwriting internationally, and for artists all around the world. And in 2022 and 2023, we expanded the concept and involved skilled songwriters and producers from the German market.



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