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Showcase // The Denmark Pavilion

As part of a big push for Denmark during the Olympics in Paris this summer, VisitDenmark, Le Bicolore / Maison du Danemark and ROSA invite artists to apply to play showcase concerts in the Danish pavilion. The pavilion is centrally located in Paris and is open from 26 July to 11 August 2024.

This summer, it won't just be sports that dominate the streets of Paris as France hosts the Olympic Games - music, especially Danish music, will also play a prominent role.

In this regard, ROSA has been given the unique opportunity to collaborate with Le Bicolore (a cultural platform at Maison du Danemark), the Danish Embassy in Paris, and VisitDenmark to select artists who have applied to perform in a total of three showcase concerts, each consisting of two sets per day over a period of three consecutive days. The platform is aimed at artists with an international profile who can perform solo or with another musician.

The Denmark Pavilion will be located near and behind Denmark House on Avenue des Champs-Élysées and the adjacent Danish church, Frederikskirken. As part of the project, Frederik's Church will be transformed, respecting the church's architecture, into a cultural stage where smaller concerts will take place, among other event

The Danish Pavilion in Paris

Over the course of 17 Olympic days, visitors from around the world will have the opportunity to experience the best of Denmark at the Danish Pavilion located at Denmark House in Paris and at the Danish church, Frederikskirken. The program, featuring exhibitions, activities, and events, will be available from July 26th to August 11th, open to the public from 11:00 to 22:00. The program will focus on quality of life, Danish ideas and skills, as well as sustainable solutions related to the global fight against climate change, declining health, and well-being, among others. VisitDenmark, together with the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Tourism, leads the initiative, which is supported by the philanthropic association Realdania.

The pavilion is based on 'Denmark – The Land of Everyday Wonder', which is the umbrella under which Denmark is marketed abroad. This concept emphasizes that Denmark's attractions lie not in grand monuments or wild natural phenomena, but rather in our way of life. It is the informal, playful, and the small things that make us and our everyday life truly unique, and these are reflected in our art, culture, and creativity. The pavilion will showcase the best of Denmark and allow visitors to be inspired by Danish ideas and solutions to global issues.

It is expected that 75,000 visitors and a large number of journalists will visit the Danish Pavilion during the Olympics, with space for 200 visitors at a time.

The pavilion is led by VisitDenmark in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Tourism.

Criteria and Selection

All applications have been processed by a professional committee consisting of representatives from Le Bicolore (the art platform at Maison du Danemark), the Danish Embassy in Paris, VisitDenmark, and ROSA. Throughout the process, several crucial factors were emphasized, contributing to ensuring a transparent selection process for all applicants.


Firstly, focus was placed on the artists' potential or track record in the French market. This included past experiences, collaborations, and any previous performances in France. The international track record was also thoroughly evaluated, including foreign concert activities, collaborations, media mentions, radio placements, playlists, and other relevant aspects.


A central criterion was also the artists' experience in performing concerts in solo or duo formats. This was considered crucial as the showcase concerts at the Danish pavilion primarily focused on a more intimate and acoustic presentation of the music.

International Setup

Furthermore, emphasis was placed on whether the artist had an international setup, such as a foreign record label, music publisher, management, booking, distribution, and similar entities. This indicated a certain degree of established presence in the international market.


The motivation for performing showcase concerts at the Danish pavilion was also evaluated. It was important that the artist actively intended to use this platform for their career and had a clear strategy for how they would leverage this opportunity to advance their musical career.

Danish Activity

Finally, it was a requirement that artists primarily active in Denmark could apply. This ensured that the showcase concerts at the Danish pavilion represented Danish music at an international level.

About the Committee

The professional committee consists of David Tholander Pedersen from VisitDenmark, Rebecca Helewa Graversen from Le Bicolore/the Danish Embassy in Paris, and the Danish musician Dennis Ahlgren, appointed by ROSA.








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