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In connection with Musikhjælp Scenesetup, we host workshops focusing on production, pre-production, and networking.

As part of Musikhjælp Scenesetup, we host several annual Festival Production Workshops where we invite grassroots festivals and anyone else interested in festival production.

The workshops focus on production and pre-production and also provide an opportunity for networking among festival organizers, sharing knowledge, and exchanging experiences across grassroots festivals. Each workshop invites a range of guests who will share specific and effective tools to strengthen the planning and execution of festival productions.

Musikhjælp Scenesetup is an initiative created in collaboration between Tuborgfondet and ROSA. With Musikhjælp Scenesetup, festivals focusing on the grassroots level can apply to receive a professionally set up stage, sound, lighting, and technicians. The workshops are organized by ROSA.


During the month of March, Musikhjælp, in collaboration with Tuborgfondet and ROSA, held a total of two workshops in Aarhus and Copenhagen. In connection with this, we took the opportunity to interview keynote speaker and project manager Laura Ellen Charlotte Carlsen and produce a video summarizing footage from both events.

The video can be viewed here:

Read more about Musikhjælp Scenesetup on the website:

Keep an eye on this page and through our newsletter, where we continuously announce new workshops.

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