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ROSA Pilots

We are curious about what happens when projects are developed and tested collaboratively. That’s why our projects are often cooperative ventures – we believe that working together brings greater progress and deeper learning. ROSA Pilots is an umbrella for projects that we either support financially, contribute to with guidance and curatorial content, or engage in as one-off projects.

DMA Blues

At the Danish Music Award Blues – or DMA Blues – there’s blues music and high spirits when awards are handed out to the Danish blues community at a show in Randers every August. Statuettes are presented to the passionate enthusiasts, those with the best releases, those who delivered outstanding live performances, and those who brought a new or unique perspective to blues music. The event is interwoven with musical performances.

DMA Blues is organized by JazzDanmark, ROSA, Tempi, DMF - Danish Musicians' Union, and Turbinen/Værket in Randers, with support from Randers Festuge and the Danish Arts Foundation's Project Support Committee for Music. 

Read more about the 13 nominated artists for this year's DMA Blues here.


Concerts at the Aarhus Harbor During the 2024 UEFA European Championship

Four Aarhus venues – Voxhall, Radar, Train, and Turkis – have teamed up with ROSA and Aarhus Events to present concerts during the 2024 UEFA European Championship, highlighting that summer is also a time for music and that culture and sport go hand in hand.

On June 14th, 15th, and 21st, Aarhus residents can enjoy energetic performances by Rigmor, Paak, Total Hip Replacement, Dayyani, and Svea S. at Herman Sallings Plads in Aarhus.

Read more about the concerts playing at the harbor here.


ÆT – Our Cultural Historical Soundtrack


“The more connected you are to your roots, the more freedom you have to grow,” says Yossi Karutchi, the creator behind ÆT. Many are likely familiar with “Jeg gik mig ud en sommerdag” and the hymn “Sov Sødt Barnlille.” ÆT dresses these treasured songs in new compositions across cultures and musical traditions, offering a unique opportunity to experience our cultural heritage from a different perspective. 

ÆT strives to ensure that the reinterpreted music remains recognizable while simultaneously pointing toward other musical soundscapes. In the encounter between different musical traditions, ÆT exemplifies the importance of diversity and the strength of being connected to one’s roots. All of this is done in the hope of creating dialogue between people and musical expressions.

In 2024, ROSA, in collaboration with Tempi, presented nine workshop concerts with ÆT at various folk high schools and adult education centers across the country, aiming to raise awareness about the importance of activating our cultural historical soundtrack. ROSA has also provided financial support to ÆT.

Read more about "ÆT" in a news article by clicking here.



Aarhus Lydforening (ALF) stands behind the workshop, #YouCanAlsoBeASoundEngineer, which focuses on what it takes to be a professional sound engineer and why it’s crucial to address the gender imbalance in the field.

The workshop was first held in 2023, where 27 novice and experienced sound engineers delved into live sound theory and technical equipment over three days, culminating in hands-on experience by managing sound during a concert.

The course is primarily aimed at women and marginalized groups but is open to anyone curious about joining a community of knowledge and experience sharing and eager to learn more about the field of sound engineering.

ROSA has promoted this initiative within the music industry to highlight the course’s ambitions and the gender disparity in Danish music. #YouCanAlsoBeASoundEngineer is supported by Tuborg Fondet and ROSA.

Read more about the workshop in the latest article here.





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